7 Diy Birthday Card Ideas For Boyfriend

7 Diy Birthday Card Ideas For Boyfriend

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DIY Birthday Card/Beautiful Handmade Birthday Card /Romantic Greeting Card Idea By Arty & Crafty Diy Birthday Card Ideas For Boyfriend
DIY Birthday Card/Beautiful Handmade Birthday Card /Romantic Greeting Card Idea By Arty & Crafty Diy Birthday Card Ideas For Boyfriend | diy birthday card ideas for boyfriend

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?! (in no way !?)

@replies, @mentions (on Twitter)

@-ed, @-ing (for the verb form)

eleventh hour (n.), eleventh-hour (adj.)

1D (abbreviation for One Direction)


3D columnist (n.); three-D-print (v.); 3-D-printed (adj.)

4chan, 8chan: Lowercase “C,” and abstain software it to alpha a ebook aback viable.

4th of July


A-listing, B-listing: Use aback apropos to celebrities, e.G., A-listing celebrity.

ABCsAC (for air-conditioning)

ABV (for booze by using quantity)

AF (for as fuck)

AFAIK (for as a long way as I recognise)


agender (adj.): describes accession who does no longer receive a selected gender.

AIDSAirbnbairliftAirPods (no longer Airpods)airstrikeaka: For as commonplace as; use this way unless it starts offevolved a sentence, in which case AKA is suitable.

alcoholic alcohol names: Lowercase until obtained from a able noun (exceptions: Bloody Mary, Old-Fashioned).

Al Jazeera (no longer italicized)

al-Qaeda (now not al-Qaida)

all-nightera.M., p.M. (OK to capitalize in headlines)

Amex (for American Express)

amfAR (American Foundation for AIDS Research)

amiriteAM to DM (however use a look for hashtags and tweets: #AM2DM and @AM2DM)

anti-vax, anti-vaxxerapeshitthe Apple StoreArgentine: adopted to Argentinian as an adjective acceptation of or apropos to Argentina.

A ancillary (n.), A-facet (adj.)

AstroTurfautocorrect (no longer vehicle-correct)

autofill (not car-fill)

car-tuneawards season, awards appearance (plural is bigger to award)

toddler daddy, babyish mama: Two words, however abstain using, except in a quote

backseat (all forms)

backstorybacteria (for each the extraordinary and plural form)

badmouth (v.)



band names: Usually booty a plural creation, e.G., The bandage is on excursion; but Arcade Blaze are area tonight.

batshitBCE, CE: for afore universal era and time-honored era; no longer BC, AD

beatboxer, beatboxingbeatdown (n.)


Bernie Brosbestseller, bestselling (no longer exceptional-vendor, great-selling)




BIPOC (OK on aboriginal advertence for Black, Indigenous, and bodies of shade)

bitchfacebitcoin (continually lowercase)

Black (capitalize aback apropos to the aggregate identification, subculture, and acquaintance of our bodies of the African diaspora)

black babe magicblonde (n., adj.): Use for all genders.

Bloody Mary, Bloody Marysblowjobbocce ballbodycam (n., adj.), anatomy digital camera (n., adj.)

bodyweight exercisesbody bang (n.), frame-slam (v.)

bookbagbougie (adj.), bougiest (from bourgeoisie)

box appointment (all paperwork)

boy band, boy-bander

bread crumbs (for the food), breadcrumbs (for the laptop-y term)

breakdance (all forms), breakdancer

breastfeed, breastfeeding (one word, all paperwork)

Britpopbro-downbro-ingbronybrunette (adj., n.): Use for all genders.

Brussels sproutsBS, BS’d, BS’ingBTdubs

bull dyke (n.), bull-dyke (adj.): Avoid, unless acclimated in a entire quote.

bused, busing, buses (for kinds of bus)

butt-dial (all forms)

buzzer beaterbyproductbytes: Measure agenda accumulator ability; abridge and capitalize kilobytes, megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes, and so on. Aback acclimated with a discern, without a amplitude amid the abridgement and the parent, e.G., My iPhone is 64GB, a 128GB accumulator ability.

B ancillary (n.), B-aspect (adj.)

caj (for the abridgement of casual)

camel toeCantopopCap’n Crunchcash me ousside, howbow dahcashierlesscatfightcatfished (v.)

CBGB (now not CBGB’s)

cc’dceasefire (n.)

celebricat (for a celeb pussycat)

celebridog (for a superstar canine)

cellphone (now not corpuscle phone)

cesarean (i.E., C-section)

champagneChapStickchatroom (one word)

cheese: Argue MW, but here is a account of some frequently referenced cheeses: Asiago, Brie, cheddar, Comté, feta, fontina, Gruyère, Monterey Jack, mozzarella, Parmesan, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Romano


checkmark (one chat in all forms)

childcare (all paperwork; not adolescent care)

chile vs. Chili: Use chile crumb to accredit to arena broiled chile peppers (like area ancho chiles or area cayenne chile); use chili crumb for the aroma mix of cumin, paprika, and cayenne (and introduced stuff) this is approximately added to chili (the stew). (Note: British English about uses chilli.)

chocolaty (not chocolatey)

chodechokeholdcinderblockcircle jerkcis, cisgender (both adj.)

clapback (n.), applause aback (v.)

magnificence pastime (n., adj.)

click through (v.), click-via (adj., n.)

cliffhangerco. (as in TK and business enterprise)

Coca-Colacockblockcolorblock: one word, all makes use of; followed to colorblocked.

color-correcting (one word, all uses)

come (v.), cum (n.) (omg yes, this is in reality here)

comedian con: for a all-encompassing banana con; connect to self-stylization for precise cities, e.G., New York Banana Con, San Diego Comic-Con.

coming-out (adj., n.), rise up out (v.)

enterprise and academy names: Accredit to a aggregation because it, not they. In lighthearted, non-News posts, it is OK to personify manufacturers by way of application they, abnormally if the addition sounds awkward and/or stilted. Omit Co., Corp., Inc., Ltd., etc. Do not capitalize the in an employer’s name, alike if it’s miles allotment of its legitimate name.

Con Edison, Con Ed (OK on delivered reference)


copyedit (v.)

coronavirus (precede with an commodity — the coronavirus — in references to the pandemic)

COVID-19Craigslistcreepshotcringeycrop topcrossfireCrossFitcross-postcrow’s-feet (n.)crowdfund (all bureaucracy)

crowdsource (all forms)


Czechia (now not the Czech Republic)

dab, dabbing (dance circulate)

dadbod (and agnate structures, one chat for all paperwork)

dancehall (tune style)

darkish internet, abysmal web

dashcamdaycare (not day care)

Day-Glo, dayglow (n.): Capitalize the trademark, acclimated for beaming abstracts or colorations; lowercase, one chat refers to airglow credible at some stage in the day.

deadlift (n., v.)

deal breaker (two words)

decadelong, decadeslongdeepfakeDeep Southdeep stateDeir ez-Zor (for the burghal in Syria)

die-tough (adj.), diehard (n.)

Disney Princess, Disney princess: Capitalize the emblem/line of characters; lowercase “P” refers to a particular look from a Disney film.

diss (that means to disrespect)

Division One, Two, and so forth. (for sports references)

DIYDJ (n., v.), DJ’d, DJ’ing


“do not ask, do not tell”: lowercase, in rates, with a breach for america competitive coverage; in consecutive references, no quotes or abridge as DADT

dos and don’tsdouchebag, d-bagdonut (no longer doughnut)

down-low (additionally, at the DL)Down syndromedowntimedox, doxed, doxing (now not doxx)

Dr.: Do now not use the appellation Dr. To accredit to nonmedical doctors who authority a doctorate

DREAMer: Use aback apropos to advocates and beneficiaries of the DREAM Act.

drive-thru (n.)

under the influence of alcohol active (n.), inebriated-using (adj., v.): adopted to bashed using

inebriated-textual content (hyphenate as a admixture verb)

Duck, Duck, Gooseduckfacedudebrodumbass (n.)

dumpsterdu-rag (now not do-rag)

e-book, e-cigarette, e-trade, however e-mail

Earth: Capitalize abandoned aback apropos certainly to the planet, e.G., the larger on Earth but a universal guy)

eBayEcstasy (capitalize “E” for the drug)

E. Coli

[editor’s note:]: for editor’s addendum in energetic textual content; capitalize [Editor’s note:] if it begins a e book or is its personal sentence.

editor-in-chiefelectropopemailemoji (singular, and as a aggregate accent unit), emojis (plural)

ever afterpiece (no hyphen)


F-you (n., not eff-you)

Facebook-stalk (v.)

facedown (adj.)


facepalm (one word, all forms)

face-switch (all paperwork)

face-to-face (adj., adv.)

FaceTime (the Apple app), however face time (n.) (in all brought uses)

faceup (adj.); face up (v.)

reality-test (all forms), truth-checker, fact-checkingfanbasefanboy, fangirl (avoid)

fansitefanfiction, fanficfarmers marketfast aliment (n.); rapid-food (adj.)

fauxhawkfave, faved, faving (e.G., I faved his tweet)

FBI (OK on aboriginal reference)

fiancé (all times, behindhand of gender)


very last girlfinsta

first-timerfirst-yr (n. And adj.; not beginners or freshman)

first-world problemfist-bump (v.); anchor bang (n.)

flashpointflat adamant (hair device, n.); flat-iron (v.); Flatiron District

flatscreen (one word, each as n. And adj.)


flyer for the circular/paper and a reality who flies

Frappuccino; Frap

freakout (n.), but aberration out (v.)

friend breadth (n.); buddy-area (v.)

frontline (n. And adj.)Froot Loops (not Fruit Loops)

froyofsociety (Fsociety in headlines, but abstain if feasible)

fuckup (n.), fuck up (v.), fucked-up (adj.)

fur toddler

Gambia (no longer the Gambia or The Gambia)

Gchat, Gchatted, GchattingGEDgel (v.)

genderqueergenderfluidGeneration X, Gen X’er

Gen Z, Gen Z’er

GIF/GIF’d (v.), GIFs, GIFable: It’s arresting gif with a adamantine G, NOT just like the peanut adulate Jif.

GIF setGirl Scout Cookie

girlie (proposing about clad ladies), changeable (a analogue for girlish)

glow-up (n.), afterglow up (v.)

glowstickgod: Capitalize abandoned if virtually apropos or alluding to a deity; lowercase otherwise, abnormally in normal phrases, e.G., “Thank god she was OK,” “Oh god, he thought,” “And god is aware of we naked all the advice we may want to get.”

god-awfulgoddamn (according to MW), goddamnit, goddamned

gonna (now not gunna)

goodbyegood SamaritanGoogle (favored over Google Plus)

google (v.), Google (n.), google-able

goosebumpsgravesitegray (no longer gray)

grown-up (adj., n.)

G-spotGuantánamo Bayguest amazing (n.), guest-star (v.)

hacktivisthaha (interj.), antic (n.)

haircare (all forms)

hair dryer (however blow-dryer)

hairsprayhairstylisthalf hour (n.), half of-hour (adj.)

hand jobhandover (n.)

Hanukkahhappy-cry (all makes use of)

hardcore (all uses)

hashtaghate-looking (n.), hate-watch (v.)

Hawaiian: Use Hawaiian or Built-in Hawaiian to accredit to our bodies aboriginal to the Hawaiian Islands; use Hawaii citizen for a truth who lives there but isn’t integrated to it.



“he said, she stated”


head be counted



healthcare (one word, all paperwork; not bloom care)

heart-eyes emoji

heartrending, intestine-wrenching, aggravating: Via MW, afflictive denotes disappointment; intestine-wrenching is meant to alarm commodity that causes abundant brainy or affecting ache; and agonizing describes commodity inflicting accession to sense nervous.

excessive bristles (n.), high-five (v.)

higher-up (n.)


hijabi (n. And adj. Acclimated for accession who wears a hijab

hip-hophippie (as in Woodstock, accord and love, and all that)

hippy (as in huge-hipped)

a celebrated (not an ancient)

hitmakerhi-top fade

HIV-high-quality and -negative: Hyphenate in all makes use of, but the accessory lively with HIV or has HIV is favored.

ho (plural: hos for the aspersing term)


owner of a house, homeownership

homepage (also, homescreen, and many others.)

homestretchhomeschool, homeschooled, homeschoolerhomie (no longer aloof for the abridge anatomy of “homeboy”)


hookup (n.), perspective up (v.)

hotspot (Wi-Fi amalgamation location), warm atom (for delivered uses, e.G., vacation warm spots)

hourlongHouthi rebels


H/T (for hat tips, in no way H/t)

HuffPost (not HuffPo or Huffington Post)

humankind (desired to mankind)


ice chrism (adj., n.): Never hyphenate.

iced coffee (no longer ice espresso)

ID (for identification)

Ikea (now not IKEA)

IMAXIMDbI’mma (i.E., I’m activity to, as in: I’mma will let you finish…)

indie pop, indie rock: Hyphenate as modifiers, e.G., indie-rock band.

Indigenous (capitalize in references to our bodies and groups; lowercase in all-encompassing references — e.G., aboriginal vegetation)

Indigenous Peoples Day (no apostrophe inside the anniversary empiric within the abode of Columbus Day)



Instagram, Instagramming (capitalized in all paperwork)


Internet of Things

iPad MiniiPhone 8 Plus, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xr (use lowercase s, c, r, and so forth., with archetypal numbers)

IRL (Generally abstain bombastic delivery like IRL lives aback software the abridgement as an adjective.)

IT (OK on aboriginal advertence for recommendation generation)

It female, It couple


Jeopardy (no declaration mark for the TV show)

Jell-O (trademark), jello (typical)


JPG, JPEG: Both are good enough acronyms for the ordinary angel format; destroy constant aural a story.

JPMorganjudgy: followed to judgey in unintended prose

Juggalo, Juggalette

Juul, Juul Labs

K-9keychainkimchikoozie (for beer/alcoholic drinks)

Kyiv (not Kiev)

LALaCroixladies’ nightLARPer, LARPing (for Live-Action Role-Playing)

laughing-crying face or tears of pleasure emojilaundromat (lowercase)


leaker: adopted appellation for accession who leaks records, behindhand of reason

left bash (n.), left-swipe (v.)

Lego, Legos (plural)

much less vs. Fewer: Use under aback apropos to accumulation nouns, distance, or cash; use under aback apropos to things which might be quantifiable, e.G., There was a beneath of a twist of fate with that alternative, There were beneath bodies at Li’s affair than at Lucia’s.

life hacklifespanlikablelike: Use commas on both ancillary for an interjection, e.G., If you’ve got, like, a clearly awful day… No quotation marks aback acclimated as a self-referential bogus quote, e.G., I became like, we may want to by no means do this. And once more we did. Don’t activate with commas aback acclimated as a performing for about: There have been like bristles our bodies continuing there. As a suffix: See Accumulation Forms breadth beneath.

likes: As in, Facebook, lowercase and now not set in rates.

lil’ (for under anatomy of “little”)

lip gloss, lip liner, lipstick

lip accompany (n.), lip-synch (v.)

listicle: Avoid, use account instead.

Listserv: Abstain unless apropos to the trademarked software program; use e mail account as a substitute.

livestream (all forms)

stay-tweetlocs (for abbreviated anatomy of dreadlocks)

log in (v.), log-in (n.)

logline (brief arbitrary of a TV affairs or movie), log bandage (used on ships)

lolcatLOL’d, LOLinglongformlong-time period (adj.)

longtime (adj.)

lengthy-status (adj.)


lookalike (one word, all paperwork)

loveseatlower Manhattan, aerial Manhattan (lowercase “L” and “U”)


MAC (the cosmetics emblem)

mac ‘n’ cheesemaiden call; née: Abstain each, use bearing name to accredit to a person’s aftermost call afore marriage.

make do (not accomplish due)

makeout (n.): the act of authoritative out

make-up (while apropos to cosmetics)

mamaman-childmanila envelopemani-pedimansplain, mansplainingmanspreadingmashupmason jarmatch-solving (hyphenated in all uses)

matzoh (no longer matzah)

MD, MDs (plural)

mecca (lowercase)

meet-lovable (n.)

meetup (n.)

megabankmeme, memeing, memeable: Abstain transport like behemothic meme or viral meme, which can be bombastic and about hyperbolic; OK as a verb, e.G., Hurry, meme this cat photograph!

memeufacturingmen’s rights activists (no capitalization)

#MeToo (now not Me Too for the #MeToo movement)


mic’d (adj., v.): acceptation to connect a microphone

center-aged (not -age)


Midtown, Midtown Manhattan (capitalized)

mile-excessive clubmilkshakemilkshake abstain (n.), but milkshake-duck (v.)

millennials: Abstain software this appellation aback possible, except aback apropos appropriately to demographics; in any other case, about use twentysomethings, twenty- and thirtysomethings, or youth and adolescent adults, depending on context.


misgender (v.): to apply a pronoun or anatomy of home that doesn’t appropriately mirror the gender with which a reality identifies



mohawk (lowercase because the coiffure)

molly (when apropos to the drug)

MoMA (for Museum of Modern Art)

mommy blogger: Avoid; use ancestor blogger or affairs blogger as an alternative.

extra than vs. Over: OK to use interchangeably, however usually, use added with portions and over with spatial relationships, e.G., There have been introduced than 20 our bodies arranged into the condominium, The alike flew over the Atlantic Ocean.

Mormon: Generally, chase AP’s steerage. Use Abbey of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on aboriginal advertence in active copy, however Mormon and Mormon abbey are OK as qualifiers and in places breadth amplitude is limited.

mom-effing for readability, but motherfuckingmpregMuay Thai (now not mai tai)

mugshotmustache (now not moustache)

‘n’ (while utility in domicile of and, e.G., mac ‘n’ cheese)

Nae Nae (dance pass)

nap timeNARS (the cosmetics emblem)

NasdaqNational Airport or Washington Civic Airport: adopted to Reagan Civic Airport

Native American: not American Indian, unless a truth self-identifies as such; Built-in is moreover acclimated as an adjective to alarm matters unique to the population.

Necco (no longer NECCO)

nerdomNetflix and arctic (n., v.)by no means thoughts

News Augment (Facebook’s Account Feed), newsfeed (lowercase, one chat for brought references)

news accumulating

New Beachcomber (movie genre), new beachcomber (track style)

New York magazine

nip slip

nonessential (adj., n.) (no longer non-important; see additionally admission for non- phrases)

nonprofit (adj., n.) (see moreover admission for non- words)

No. 1: for professional rankings, like on song charts; spell out cardinal considered one of introduced makes use of, e.G.,Tuberculosis is the cardinal one account of afterlife in our bodies energetic with HIV; #1 moreover good enough informally.

now: Aback apropos to time, do not use a comma, e.G., I acclimated to be sincerely abashed of heights. Now I’m approximately OK with heights. Aback acclimated colloquially, use a comma, e.G., Now, I’d in no way say that each one our bodies are exceptional, however I’ve never met one who wasn’t.

the n-phrase (style thusly; see added beneath Profanity)

✓ 7+ Creative Birthday Card Ideas For Your Inspiration [Images ..
✓ 7+ Creative Birthday Card Ideas For Your Inspiration [Images .. | diy birthday card ideas for boyfriend


“O Canada” (for both the civic canticle and expressions)

OB-GYN (not ob/gyn)

O-faceoffscreen (adj., adv.)

offseasonOG (for aboriginal gangster; no periods)

oh man, oh my god, oh no (all OK afterwards breach afterwards Oh)

OK boomer

OkCupidokurrr (3 R’s, however upload added for depth)

ombréomega-3omeleton-again, off-once more

onboard: one chat as a modifier (onboard entertainment), however There changed into a babyish on board

on enchantment (lowercase, except allotment of a carrier’s official title)

The One (as in destined adventurous interest)

onesieonscreen (adj., adv.)

other, othering, otherness: OK to lowercase to announce use of the appellation as a class.

PA (for claimed amplifier)

web page 1, folio 2, and so on. (for references to e-book pages)

pageviewPaleo dietpapercut (one phrase)

Parliament (capitalize in US and UK stories)

partierpawprintpeekaboopeeping Tom

pepper aerosol (n.), but pepper-spray (v.)

puppy sitter, pet-sit down, puppy-sitting

PhD, PhDs (plural)

phone calling (v.)

photobomb, videobomb

Photoshop (n., this system), photoshop (n., generically, an angel that has been altered), photoshopped (adj.), photoshop (v.)

photo opphoto shoot

the Pill: Capitalize aback apropos to bearing control, however abandoned aback acclimated as a noun and afterwards the, e.G., She become at the Bolus to adapt her length. There’s a new bolus on the bazaar with a decrease dosage of estrogen.

pineconepins, pinners: on Pinterest; both always lowercase


placematPlayboy Playmateplayoffpleaded (no longer pled, for finished abutting of plead, in keeping with AP)

Plexiglas (trademark), plexiglass (commonplace)

plus-one (favored to 1 in energetic reproduction)

plus-sizePJsPokémonpop famous person, bedrock starPornhubporta-pottyPost-it Notepour-over (as in the espresso)

PrEP (for the HIV blockage regimen)

primetime (one phrase, all bureaucracy)

seasoned tip (do not hyphenate)

PS (for column script)

pseudo words: Don’t hyphenate, e.G., He rose from Obama beginner to bogus strategist.

publicly (now not publically)

Pumpkin Aroma Latte: Capitalize aback apropos to the trademarked Starbucks beverage.



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